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You are a project manager? Or you want to become one? Or, you are a business leader looking for people to manage your projects?

While it doesn't matter where you are in your career right now, and because you're human, it is quite certain that you want to help people around you while you improve your business results. And project management is exactly that: helping people and getting better results. And yes, it is also about money, scope, schedule, quality, risks, communication, and many other things, but the main two things will always be: helping people and getting better results.

If you manage projects (or you would like to manage them) and you don’t have a certification yet, getting certified will help. If you are already certified in one or more area, adding some more could help too. In addition, don’t forget to work on improving your leadership, strategic and business management skills. It is not optional.

If you are a business leader, or a manager of people who manage projects, you want to know how to best utilize project management in your business. Find out how to develop your people and their skills. Enable them to achieve business results in the most effective and efficient ways. Ingrain consistent application of methods, techniques and processes proven as best practices. Another option is to outsource managing of your projects.

Whatever your story, this website is designed to help you find information, ideas and inspiration to move you forward and ahead.

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why project management?

It is a discipline that is becoming more and more popular, as its benefits become more and more visible to businesses and organizations. Project Management Institute (PMI), the leading global professional association in this area, conducted a research study and predicted that by year 2020 millions and millions of new roles will be created globally in this profession.

Salary surveys consistently show a growing market demand for such roles, and those who are certified report higher salaries than those who are not certified, on a global scale and across many industries.

Career prospects in the profession are on the rise. And this particular line of work—leading and directing projects—seems to develop into a solid stepping stone for the C-level positions: managing a complex project can resemble running a company or a department quite a bit.

what do employers say?

Employers around the world are recognizing that too, and they have started expecting people who manage their projects to be skillful not only in technical skills specific to managing projects, but also in leadership and strategic and business management.

On the other hand, the discipline evolves in several directions and now the term often also covers program management, project portfolio management, agile practices, business analysis, organizational project management, PMO management, change management, management of complexity, business transformation, organizational agility, strategy execution, and similar.

Because of all of these, my advice is: learn, understand and practice leading and directing projects towards successful business results.