The Complete Project Manager:
Seminar for Project Managers and Sponsors

Seminar The Complete Project Manager was held in December 2012. Have a look at a few photos here!

Are you seeking the missing ingredients to move from good to great?

Are you looking for the next generation of skills, mindsets, and processes to transform your performance as a project manager or sponsor?

The Complete Project Manager teaches you how to integrate key skills:

  • people skills,
  • team skills,
  • business skills,
  • technical skills, and
  • organizational skills.

You can download the flyer right here or continue reading below the seminar partner logos.

A brief seminar testimonial by Agnieszka Maria Gasperini, President of PMI Poland Chapter:

"I loved this seminar with Alfonso! We had pleasure to have Alfonso in Warsaw last year. People loved this topic. Alfonso is really energetic person and what's more the training was ahead AGILE which is all about all soft skills that Alfonso is talking about in the seminar. REALLY RECOMMENDED!"

Seminar Description

You will develop the leadership, learning, means, and motivation to advance both personally and professionally.

The Complete Project Manager seminar shares insights, experiences, attitude, examples, stories, and passion that motivate action.

Case studies and practice sessions help participants learn from each other and about successful practices.

Identify how to apply these practices up, across, and down the organization, especially in politically charged situations.

The goal is to integrate knowledge and skills that make the difference in achieving optimized outcomes, increased satisfaction, and bottom line results.

Intended Audience of The Complete Project Manager

  • Project managers who’ve had experience in the field
  • Project managers who have questions
  • Project managers that are willing to share experiences and learn from others
  • Advanced project managers
  • Program managers
  • Project sponsors

Key Learning Objectives of The Complete Project Manager

  • Change thinking about necessary skills to enhance on the job performance
  • Apply different approaches to leading and managing projects, based upon examples and case studies
  • Realize what needs to be done to achieve better results and how to do it
  • Help the attendee to develop his/her project or program professional career

Outline of The Complete Project Manager Seminar

Leadership/Management skills
Defining a multi-level set of competencies
Leading vs. managing
Conducting stakeholder analysis
Example: dealing with stakeholders, especially the difficult ones

Environmental skills
Assessing the environment
Understanding revitalization and validation cycles
Shifting from “toxic” to “green”
Operating across organizations
Understanding change management and roles of the change agent
Example: surveying existing environment to identify strengths and opportunities

Personal skills
Changing attitude
Using humor
Assessing aptitude
Applying passion, persistence, and patience
Identifying influence skills
Dealing with chaos--the role of purpose and networking
Powering up your interaction quotient - conversations and dialogue

Negotiating skills
Building awareness - do it everyday
Adopting principled style
Applying 10 rules of negotiating
Make it win-win
Example: negotiating project objectives with sponsor

Sales skills
The sales process
Sales presentations
Features, benefits, advantages
Dealing with objections
Getting closure
Example: selling project plan to key stakeholders

Political skills
Politics are everywhere
Understanding power and politics
Developing a Political Plan
Speaking truth to power
Navigating through political minefields
Example: creating a project office

Mapping Leadership, Learning, Means, & Motivation
Preparing & presenting Action Plans

Seminar Instructor

Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP, PhD Candidate, PMI Fellow is the founder and Managing Partner of BUCERO PM Consulting ( He managed IIL Spain for almost two years, and he was a Senior Project Manager at Hewlett-Packard Spain (Madrid Office) for thirteen years. Alfonso is a PMI member, he is a member of ALI (Asociación de Licenciados, Ingenieros y Doctores en Informática), AEIPRO (IPMA member) and DINTEL’s advisor. Alfonso was the founder, sponsor and President of PMI Barcelona, Spain Chapter until April 2005, and he is an IPMA Assessor.

He was a member of the CoPAT (Congress Project Action Team) of PMI EMEA 2005 Congress in Edinburgh, 2006 PMI EMEA Congress in Madrid, and PMI EMEA Congress in Budapest. He was graduated in The Leadership Institute Master Class 2007 on October 2007 in Atlanta (PMI Global Congress). He was a President of PMI Madrid Spain Chapter and is a PMI Component Mentor for Region 8 South since 2011. He received the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award on October 9th, 2010. He also received the PMI Fellow Award on October 22nd, 2011.

Alfonso has a Computer Science Engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica (Madrid) and is finishing his Phd. in Project Management at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. He has 27 years of practical experience, 22 of them in project management worldwide. He has managed and consulted projects in different countries across Europe. Since 1994, he is a frequent speaker at International PM Congresses and Symposiums. Alfonso has delivered PM training and consulting services in Spain, Mexico, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, and Singapore. As a project management believer, he defends that Passion, Persistence and Patience are keys for project success.

He authored the book Dirección de Proyectos, una Nueva Vision published by LITO GRAPO Editors) in IIL Mexico on June 2003. And he is a contributor of Chapter 7 of the book Creating the Project Office, published February 2003 by Jossey-Bass Editors (San Francisco, California), authored by Dr. Robert J. Graham., Paul Dinsmore and Randall L. Englund.

Alfonso co-authored with Randall L. Englund the book Project Sponsorship published by Jossey-Bass Editors in May 2006. He authored the book Today is a Good Day: Attitudes for Achieving Project Success, published by Multimedia Publishing in Canada in February 2010. He has also contributed to professional magazines in Russia (SOVNET), India (ICFAI), Argentina, and Spain. Alfonso co-authored with Randall L. Englund the book The Complete Project Manager and The Complete Project Manager Toolkit that are being published by Management Concepts in March 2012. Alfonso has published several articles in national and international PM magazines. He is a Contributing Editor of PM Network (“Crossing Borders”), published by the Project Management Institute.

Registration Information

Duration: 3 days, 9:00-17:00
/ lunch and two coffee-breaks per day included /

PDUs: 21

Location: Palace Hotel Zagreb

Date: 5-7 December 2012

Language: English only / and maybe some Spanish ;-) /
(sorry, no translation to Croatian)

Special Additional Events!

As a special gift for PMI Chapter members, Alfonso held two special additional sessions, closely related to a 3-day seminar "The Complete Project Manager" described above.

1) Webinar "Why attitude is important for project success"

This webinar has taken place on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 at 18:00 CEST (click here to convert the time to your timezone).

Webinar abstract
"Early in my career I had a negative attitude regarding my job and towards the projects I managed. That negative disposition generated more problems than advantages. I created a negative image of myself in front of my colleagues, team members and managers. The result was not good. I transmitted negativism to my managers and team members. The maturing process for me led me to change my thinking. I needed at attitude check! By changing my attitude, I changed my world. This presentation explains my project management experience during my professional career from the attitude point of view. People reactions are different depending on background, culture and environment but positive attitude gives you and added value as a project leader. Don’t forget that your team members see you as their reference."

Webinar Access: Click to join the meeting.

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2) Session at the monthly event of PMI Chapter Zagreb, Croatia

Alfonso held a one-hour session during the monthly event of Croatian PMI Chapter on the evening before the 3-day seminar "The Complete Project Manager".

Title: The Complete Project Manager

Session Abstract:
"The Complete Project Manager integrates key technical, people, business, and organizational skills. Success in any environment largely depends upon completing successful projects, and successful projects get done by skilled project managers and teams, supported by effective project sponsors. It is the integration across a spectrum of skills that enables certain individuals to make a difference and achieve more optimized outcomes. The aim of this presentation is to explain to the attendees the importance of developing their soft skills during their professional careers."

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