Does your company have a PM career path?

by Yves Cavarec, CEO [is value]
(Paris, France)

Some organizations have developed a "project management career path" - usually these are large corporations. Those organizations offer their employees world class training and career promotion as project manager (from junior, to senior, program manager, etc.). Those organizations don't outsource project management. But only large companies can afford such a policy.

Traditional organizations that don't have career path for project managers can't have top quality project managers amongst their employees because they have not been selected, trained and challenged against the world class project managers. It is better for the company's success to outsource project management.

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May 26, 2011
Career path doesn't necessarily eliminate outsourcing completely
by: Dino Butorac, PMP

Aren't there scenarios where even companies with well developed career paths could have a need for outsourced project managers?

For example, there are no PMs available (all are busy on other projects) and there's a new project that is about to start, but sales pipeline is poor.

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