Innovative and standarized Project Management Framework

by Grace Najjar, Align Management Solutions (ALIGN)
(Beirut, Lebanon)

What are the main challenges organizations are facing today? To provide proven framework designed to manage operations integrity risks that can potentially impact and improve their operation's performance.

There is still room for subjectivity, delays, interpretations or even unwritten practices.

In order to meet their challenges, organizations are highly recommended to engage in many initiatives such as outsourcing Project Management.

We have successful stories in introducing a unified and Systematic Project Management framework that will provide Standard Governance management processes enabling proper planning, execution, and closeout of the various types of projects that are undertaken in large/medium/small enterprises.

The goal behind our consulting model is to suggest a transition from a non Project Management adoption or islands of models to the standardized model that minimizes any disruptions to the ongoing operations of the supporting department and any projects in process if and when the transition is initiated.

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