PMI certifications are more worth it

by Yves Cavarec, CEO [is value]
(Paris, France)

In terms of value, I found the following differences between PMI, Prince2 and IPMA.

Prince2 is interesting and fully compliant with PMI (PMBOK). It has been in fashion lately. But Prince2 is a methodology. A methodology is a kind of procedure: you just have to apply it (and don't have to be smart). It is OK for organizations that don't expect project management to play an important role in the future.

If the organization strategy rely somehow on projects / programs or portfolio, I would recommend to invest in PMI certifications. As a project manager I'd find it more valuable to be certified by PMI or IPMA - it proves that I can smartly use a standard (set of tools) to create value for the organization.

IPMA certification is valuable. Unfortunately, it is not growing very fast. In the long run I would bet on PMI rather than IPMA.

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