PMP is the best project management certification

by Grace Najjar, Align Management Solutions (ALIGN)
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Each of the five E’s stand for an aspect of PMP certification model. This is why I consider that this certification is highly valuable.

Education for Eligibility: A minimum number of contact hours in education are required.

Experience: A minimum number of hours that are aligned with specific project management tasks are required.

Examination: A scenario-based multiple choice examination format is used and provides a highly reliable way to assess project management competence.

Ethics: All candidates and credential holders must adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Education for Certification Maintenance: PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program also reflects these best practices. The CCR program ensures that certified practitioners maintain and continue to develop their competence in project management, unlike other certification programs that are lifetime achievements.

PMI uses the five E’s described to ensure the certification candidates have the necessary project management competence. While no project management certification can guarantee performance, this program is modeled after the cornerstones used by world-class licensure programs such as those used in nursing, architecture, and engineering: education in the discipline, experience working in the role, and an examination that focuses on applying knowledge and skills to potential on-the-job situations/scenarios.

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