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My name is Dino Butorac and I will be your host here.

I am a PMP certified project management, consultant and business leader, with broad IT, project management and consulting experience.

My specialization is leading and helping organizations and project managers worldwide in developing and utilizing their business and project management practices and competencies in strategic, agile and lean manners.

My experiences include consulting organizations and managing international projects, programs and portfolios of different sizes and levels of complexity, as well as training and mentoring project managers around the world.

I live in Dublin, Ireland, while originally I am from Zagreb, Croatia.

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When I mention "project management" here, I basically mean "project, program, and portfolio management", or P3M.

Organizational project management (OPM) is a topic I am particularly interested in, as well as project management outsourcing ("PMaaS", or project management as a service). In the end, it's all about the alignment of projects, programs, portfolios and PMOs with the organization’s strategic objectives. Strategy execution, really.

I enjoy working within dynamic international environments, and speaking and presenting at conferences, seminars and classroom trainings around the world. 

project management mentor

Project Management Mentor website is primarily my online storefront: a way for my potential clients or employers to find out more about me, my accomplishments and the way I work and operate. At the same time, the content that I mainly provide for free here is intended to help interested project managers and business leaders in their careers and businesses. 

Building the website itself was initially a struggle for me, regardless of my technical prowess and experience. It takes a lot of time, both to build and maintain a website. SBI! and its tools help me with that.

Career and Work stuff

Since 2004 I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and my professional background firmly sits mostly in IT, but I've also had experience with banking, telecom, retail and public sector.

I used to lecture project management at undergraduate and graduate programs at Zagreb School of Economics between 2007 and 2013, and at University of Applied Sciences Vern in Zagreb in 2015.

Previously I worked in IBM for 5 years, from 2005 to 2010. Most of that time I spent managing IT infrastructure services projects in Croatia (IBMers will recognize this: ITS Delivery projects).

My last year in IBM I spent as a member of a geographically dispersed team that was managing IT services delivery departments in 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

You can find more details about my career on my LinkedIn profile.

PMI volunteering

From January 2016 I serve as a committee member of PMI Chapter Member Advisory Group (CMAG), which works in partnership with PMI Chapter Development management to provide advice, support, and coaching to help recognize and deliver PMI chapter value globally.

Before that I served as a PMI Leadership Institute Master Class Advisor to the LIMC 2015 class. PMI LIMC is a year-long program that helps participants to hone the skills they already possess and provides the knowledge needed to become a more effective leader, and I am a proud class of 2012 alumnus.

From January 2011 until December 2014 I was selected to serve as the PMI Region Mentor for Central Europe. The purpose of this role is to help PMI chapters in Central Europe grow and provide more value to their members.

In 2004 I was one of the charter members of PMI Chapter Zagreb, Croatia and I have been its active member ever since. I was serving as its vice-president from 2006 to 2008, and I was a member of its Executive Board until December 2010 when I started with my Region Mentor role.

more personal stuff...

It was year 2005 when I was a founding member of the first Toastmasters club in Croatia, Klub Toastmastera Zagreb. I’ve had the honor of being the first club president, and after that I was serving in other Executive Committee roles, such as vice-president for public relations, secretary, and once more as a president.

Although I played tennis on a competitive level while I was a kid, my somewhat worn-out knees don’t allow me to enjoy it as I used to any more, so about a decade ago I turned to long distance running. My biggest running moment so far was the marathon race I completedVienna City Marathon in 2008.

Right there at the top of my running achievements there is also a half-marathon, again in Vienna, but in 2010, and this time together with my lovely wife Ivana. She caught the running bug from me, and I’m looking forward to us passing it on to our two wonderful boys, Ivor and Sven.

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