Some good advantages of hiring an outsourced PM

by Esteban Villegas, PMP
(Medellin, Colombia)

When it comes to project management outsourcing I can say that I have been in both sides, I mean, delivering the service and hiring the services of a Project Manager.

Based on my 6+ years of experience in being mostly an outsourced PM for different companies, I can tell that a person (PMP certified preferred) that works on that role for different companies is a great option for customers, since they, in addition of being continuously updated on the PM profession, have the opportunity to learn a lot from different businesses in diverse sectors such as banking, manufacturing, IT, sales and others.

This experience the outsourced PM gains, give him the ability to have broader points of view and higher skills to face new challenges and to better manage customer´s projects.

Based on my comments, I certainly recommend companies that have the need for a PM to consider the option of outsourcing this service with an experienced professional (or company) in this field. The results should be above expectations.

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