Vacation and sickness with project managers

by Filip De Zutter

I wanted to mention the fact that there is a difference in motivation between outsourced or hired personnel.
Because a free-lance project manager has to finance his own vacation and sick days he will look at it differently. Also on longer term projects a free-lance will be more flexible with vacation and holidays.
I don't have figures to proof but I bet that when you look at the total sick-days of a free-lance against these of a hired employee you will see a big difference.
The same with holidays and vacations. Here in Belgium, hired employees are obligated to have all there vacation in one year. This means less flexibility towards projects.
My point is, for a free-lance project manager the level of sickness to stay home is higher than that of a hired one. Also a free-lance project manger won't go on vacation because he has to but because it fits in the project he manages.

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